All Natural Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief
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Key Ingredients - Cream

Alleviate Plus Pain Cream is a top-rated analgesic formula that is Paraben free, Propylene Glycol free, and NSAID free.
Alleviate Plus Pain Cream has designed a special, all-natural delivery system in a lotion-based formula for DEEP PENETRATION with enough glide to work into AND past the dermal layer. Key ingredients include but are not limited to:
CMO:   clinically proven to eliminate pain from inflammation which causes arthritis and provides long-term, therapuetic results.
White Willow A.K.A. salicylic acid:  All-natural pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory. Powerful pain relief without the toxicity.
Arnica:   Soothes aches and pains, assists in reducing inflammation, and bruising.
MSM:  Clinically proven to promote and improve joint mobility.
Belladonna:  Homeopathic that helps with chronic pain that aids pain associated w/Rheumatism (Joint-Pain) IE Joints, Muscles, and Arthritis.
Rhus Tox:   Homeopathic that Helps with stiff joints, joint aches, muscle pain, and strains - for acute pain IE Sprained ankle.
Menthol:   Assists with Pain-Relief (associated w/arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle strains or sprains, backache, bruising, and cramping.)
Camphor:   Assists with Swelling/Inflammation, Blood-Flow, and helps with Pain-Relief