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What are others are saying about Alleviate Plus Pain Cream: 

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"This is some good stuff. Works great on my back, knees, and any other muscle pain. Being an active sports enthusiast and high school sports official this is something that is much needed. Don't leave home without it. Highly recommended."  -Jessica D.

"This product is awesome. I am battling Plantar Fasciitis and training for the Boston Marathon, I have been using this product daily and it has helped with the pain, especially before runs. Glad I bought it!" -Matt H.

"My niece bought this cream for me and I am here to tell you in my own words about how it works. I have shoulder pain 24 / 7 and it is no joke how bad my pain is after years of laying concrete.  Yea people have told me I ought to get surgery, but my family that gets it never seemed to get better, and always had to have multiple surgeries.  
So I am not getting surgery on my shoulders! (Oh yea it's not one it is both my shoulders that are in pain!) My routine every morning is to take advil at least 2 pills every morning and 2 every 4 to 6 hrs when pain gets bad. Some days not as many but it all depends on my pain during the day. And if my shoulders are warmed up I may only 2 pills for the day.
So back to the cream. I have tried every cream on the market and none of them have helped. The first night I got Alleviate Plus, I put it on and got the best night sleep I’ve had in months.  I’ve used it now for about two weeks and IT WORKS!  I even take a shower in the morning wash it off and it seems to help all day. And when I use it at night I wake up in the morning and I don't need Advil when I wake up. So believe me when I say this cream works. I also have bad knees too because of my work. It also works for both knees. All I got too say is it works great and I will keep using it. Great Cream!!"  -Hugh F. 

Alleviate Plus Pain Cream

"Recently with all the international travel I have from Arizona to Brazil, as well as almost every state to meet with clients, I have developed major pain in my back and issues with my sciatica. Sitting for hours at a time I have taken my fare share of dangerous anti-inflammatory medication. I have also purchased several pain creams to help alleviate the initial pain. Nothing has worked passed the first few minutes. That is until I tried Alleviate Plus. I was amazed. Not only does it smell great, but the smell dissipates quickly, and does not stain my clothes. The pain relief has lasted longer, and I have noticed that the more I use the product, the less my pain returns. Almost as if it is therapeutic and removing the pain completely. I use it every morning and every night before bed. I have also used it before any travel and been able to enjoy flights without nagging pain. I love using it before going to the gym and have been able to work out in ways I have not done in years. Needless to say, I am a life time fan and will continue to buy Alleviate Plus. Thank you to the creators of Alleviate Plus for making my pain not prevent me from living the way I want!"  -Roy G.

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